Why Are High School Science Courses Relevant?

Should our son take foreign language or math?” is a question many of us asked ourselves, when picking the educational path for our children. Parents often have a hard time deciding, and the debate can raise either between parents or between parents and the child, who may disagree with your choice.

When you are in high school, you are are preparing yourself the most important stage of your life – collage or university, and you want to make sure, you don't hurt your chances of getting in. Of course, it all comes down to child's career choice, but adding science classes is a norm, if you consider a non-holistic future. Most collages would expect too see that the student took at least 2 years of science classes, since physics, biology and chemistry are taught in almost all high schools today. If you aim higher, and plan to apply to any of the most prestigious collages in the country, where competition is stiff, be aware that these collages require 4 years of science classes. Obviously, it should go without saying, that if you plan to become an engineer or build your career around any other technology related occupation, science classes in high school are mandatory. Even if you are just entering high school, and have no idea what you would want to study in collage, taking science classes right from the start is highly advisable. You wouldn't want to miss the train and realize 1 year later, that with just 3 years of science you no longer have a chance to major in the field you want. When you are younger, and someone says the word “science” , you may only imagine a lab with colorful liquids, and ask yourself, “why on earth would I need it?”, but there is so much more hiding under the term “science”, and one of the key things that hide behind this word is your future career choice opportunity...

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